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Imamia Qirat College.

was established in 1960(Lahore) by the great scholar QariMehmoodulHasan . Apart from social, economic and political issues he had a keen interested in THE Holy Quran and Quranic education. He thought that Quran is the most effective and greatest source of guidance for the human beings. He left no stone unturned as for as the message of HOLY PROPHET 

was concerned .He devoted his whole life for the promotion of the Quranic teaching. He acted upon the saying of the Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) The best among you is the one who learns Quran and teaches it others and concentrated on the true learning of Tajweed , reciting it beautifully and learning it by heart. Imamia Qirat College (reg) has been regularly under the supervision of Ulama. Imamia Qirat college (reg) has been serving various generation since its founded action in 1960. It has been providing all type of people without any social segregation and discrimination as for as the Quranic teachings where concerned. Qari Mehmood ul hasan (may God bless him) thought himself very lucky and fortunate that God has blessed him with the opportunity of promoting the Quranic teachings. He considered the opportunity as a valuable and great gift from God. Imamia Qirat College (reg) very consistently has been teaching hundred and thousands of students and how to read and recite the Quranic verses and understand their meaning.

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